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Lewie - Magic Box

Audio, Information and Lyrics

  • Title: Magic Box
  • Album: Love Money War Death
  • Track: 12
  • Length: 1:29 minutes (2.04 MB)
  • Format: Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

sir i want to buy the box
but cant afford the fee

he said, son it can be yours
but nothing comes for free

this is thee box of dreams
n i know youve heard whats inside

as it just rests there on the table
i think, what magic does it hide?

he says, imagine as you open it
then bang you're carried inside

son, all your life experience
could not prepare you for this ride

I cant believe its here
the greatest magic box
i wanna fall inside
and see how good that it looks

he said, a thousand liquid butterflies
will twist into the sky

and everything is neon
its a place made for the eye

theres a red sun and a blue sun
and a purple moon at dusk

and in the sound of touch and smell of sight
enjoy it you must!

I cant believe its mine
the greatest magic box
lets fall inside
and see how good that it looks

so he leaves and then i
go and open the box

and i aint carried inside
and theres no magical ride

inside is just a paper
and on it is a quote, ...says

Imagination rules the world.
Napoleon Bonaparte

so he must have...
sold it to a man,
who then sold it to a man,
who sold it to this man,
who sold it to me

so now ill, sell it on again
cause nothing comes for free

its like i had to buy the box
in order to see...

Imagination is the most magical nothing
and it definitely definitely does come for free

so all along i had it
imagination is a magic
lets fly again like children
and remember how we had it