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Lewie - War

Audio, Information and Lyrics

  • Title: War
  • Album: Love Money War Death
  • Track: 5
  • Length: 1:29 minutes (2.05 MB)
  • Format: Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

the first thing you do
in life is win

you took the egg as yours
or shared it with a twin

the fallopian battle
ground was set

and, you won life
so all the others we forget

life thru war

there was plenty of genes
that wanted to put the colour in your eyes

they war for the privilege
but only some genes win the prize

but with every success
something else is made dormant

cause a winners smile just
leaves the losers in torment

life thru war

they prey on the weak
the helpless and young

and if they feel too much hunger
theyll eat there own son

what did you think those
teeth were for?

its all just the life
of a carnivore

life thru war

is everything just a war?
if death is peace then is
life just a war?

a true win, is when everybody wins, that way... nobody loses. but then if nobody loses...well