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What is a Guess?

Lewies album 'LOVE MONEY WAR DEATH' is a puzzle... a series of folk stories.
It is a riddle that you can solve using the artwork and the songs.
The answer to the puzzle is a sentence that joins the songs together, it is the concept of the album.

Lewie has promised to never tell the answer to a soul... But he is happy to use this website to create debate on the possible answers.

If you think you have found the answer to the puzzle, then add your Guess! Other users will be able to comment on your Guess, and Lewie will rate your guess 'Hot' or 'Cold' to help you along.

If you would like to see other users Guess' and comment on them, click here, or click the GUESS? link at the top of the page.

Most importantly, have fun with it.

CLUE: When the pieces are cut out and moved around, they create much more extra information.